Slide About us We are dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of special soluble food preparations to be used in vending and dispensing hot drink machines.

Slide Thanks to our new facilities, a reference in food safety, as well as our staff, with more than 15 years of experience and continuous training, we account for enough capabilities to respond to these needs in a reliable and innovative way. At Laqtia we want the coffee break to become an experience for the final consumer to enjoy with all the senses. But at the same time, it is the livelihood of the families of our clients. For this reason, in our R&D&I department we work not only on expanding our range of products, their quality and taste, but also on the continuous improvement of their performance and functionality to optimize the costs of our clients. Constant innovation As one of the leaders in the soluble sector in Spain, Laqtia's commitment is to maintain the quality of our products while offering the widest range, adapting to any need and ensuring proper machine operation.

Slide QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS Our main responsibility and one of the axes of our sustainability is to offer our clients the highest quality and safety standards in the products. As a sign of guarantee and trust, LAQTIA periodically undergoes internal audits to renew our quality certifications.

Slide IFS Food is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that manufacture food or companies that package food products in bulk. It focuses on the safety and food quality of processed products and is the most demanding and prestigious in the world.

Slide Bio products are all those that come from chemical-free organic farming. Fairtrade certified products guarantee they have been produced under decent working conditions and purchased at a fair price, supporting the sustainable development of the producing communities.

Slide True to our essence and values " Our main aim Our philosophy It is based on a careful selection of the products with which we manufacture our products, always trying to use natural raw materials, without preservatives or other additives. Our products respect all the flavor and are adapted to the tastes and needs of our customers. It has been to offer products of the highest quality. Pursuing this goal, we have developed sustainable growth and after more than fifteen thirteen years of existence we can say that we are more than just a consolidated company, we are one of the leaders in the soluble sector.

Slide Our
· Effort
· Honesty
· Flexibility
· Adaptability
· Closeness
· Trust
· Commitment
· Warranty
· Ethics

Slide CSR ETHICS, EFFORT AND HONESTY ARE OUR SIGNS OF IDENTITY AND ARE IMPLIED IN OUR DNA CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CSR is one of the cornerstones of our company. All of us who make up Laqtia assume the management of the company considering the expectations of all its participants in the economic, social and human aspects. · Quality products in fair conditions.
· Compliance with our legal commitments.
· Respect to the rights of our workers.
· Commitment to sustainable growth.
· Collaboration with different non-profit associations and organizations, both public and private.