Since our founding in 2005, our main objetive has been to provide the best quality products. Pursuing this goal, we have developed a sustainable growth and afger 13 years down the track we can saoy that we are more tan an established company, we are one of the leaders in the solubles sector.

In our eagerness to excel, we hace been introducing the innovation in our company and our company and nowadays we boast of an excellent facilities tan mee tan thealth and food security and our highly Qualified staff with a profesonal experience with more tan 20 years from its founding members. We have got this far without renouncing to our soul. We are a family of professionals that fight everyday to offer the best product to ther customers.



The coporate social responsability is one of the cornerstones of our company. All of us who are part of laqtia asume the management of the company in consideration of the expectations of each participant in human, economic and social terms

Ethic, effort and honesty are our signs of identity and they are also implicit in our DNA

  • Quality products under fari conditions.
  • We fulfill our lawful, labour and social commitments.
  • We respect the rights of workers.
  • We are aiming for a sustinable development.
  • We collaborate with different associations and agencies, both public and prívate and non profit body.





Our spirit of progress has made that web e involved also on an international level. We have a wide network of collaborators located in more tan 20 countries and 4 continents.

This reality offers us and open mind which have been essential to create adapted products for all tastes and who care about the needs of all type of customers.


Because there is not better way forward tan in good company. We collaborate with diferente companies and similar organisations like:


  • Revista Mundo Vending
  • Hostel Vending
  • Aneda, Spanish National Association of Automatic Distributors
  • Vending Europe, European Coffee Vending & Vending Solutions Association